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Reach for the stars

The aerospace industry continues to blast through the stratosphere where innovation is concerned. Disruptive new technologies are driving extraordinary efficiencies in the production of lightweight, environmentally sound, complex parts.

As an aeronautical design engineer you’ll be looking for a product development partner who is prepared to invest in those technologies and deliver your prototype parts in line with those efficiencies without compromise. One who’ll help you reach new heights.

Our teams of highly skilled engineers will produce precision parts, who produce precision prototypes, tooling and mould modifications of exceptional quality. We understand the industry imperatives of adhering to customer specifications, and offer a contract managed end-to-end service, ensuring quality standards from materials to tolerances.



Additive Manufacturing advantages for Aerospace

Tool free solutions for prototyping and some production parts with complex geometries

Additive manufacturing offers almost unrivalled design freedom for aerospace engineers. It shortens design time and increases efficiencies across the supply chain. Lightweight components with complex geometries and tight tolerances can be produced quickly and cost effectively.

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Design verification

Accelerate your product design phase for small component parts. AM allows you to customise endlessly and validate your parts before moving to engineering and manufacturing.



Creating surrogate parts to check form and fit, particularly for applications requiring high temperatures and high levels of strength and durability. AM enables the engineer to design parts with variable wall thicknesses to increase strength to weight ratios.



Aesthetic prototypes such as consoles, lenses, grips, jigs and fixtures, tooling, panels, and low end production runs for interior build-outs. Prototyping for heat resistant functional parts; ducting and bellows; complex interlocking parts in low volumes.


Rapid Technologies advantages for Aerospace

Warp speed prototyping

Shorten production times for revolutionary ideas and enhance quality with a suite of rapid validation prototyping and testing services. Our services, including 3D printing, vacuum casting, reaction injection moulding and silicone casting, enable highly accurate, production-representative parts produced quickly and cost-effectively using low-cost tooling capabilities.


Validation Prototyping

Large print areas enable aerospace design engineers to produce high detail, robust, superbly finished, finely detailed concept models for aerodynamic testing. Materials are robust, transparent if required.

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Fast, cost-effective production highly detailed, highly accurate polyurethane components and products with similar properties to injection moulded parts. Parts can be flexible or rigid. A wide range of materials, some with appropriate flammability ratings.



Typical applications include housings, casings, lenses and filter systems.


CNC Technologies advantages for Aerospace

Redefine your supply chain. Achieve efficiency. Increase productivity.

We offer an array of CNC technologies enabling fast turnaround of parts and prototypes. We also provide competitively priced support for manufacturing with precision-crafted parts and products in a variety of materials, including tool and mould production, jigs, fixtures and gauges. Our mission is to help you shorten your supply chain and enable you to meet progressively tough design and production challenges. This can be achieved in isolation or in collaboration with our Additive Manufacturing and Prototyping capabilities


Validation Prototyping

Scaled, tangible digital image visualisation of component parts through CNC milling in a variety of materials. Providing samples for validation for engineering.

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Design and Quality Support

Working with you within stringent quality standards for complete confidence in achieving durable, stable and repeatable parts. Our gauges, jigs and fixtures are all manufactured on short lead times and competitively priced. Full validation reporting with FARO Arm technology.



Tooling and mould modifications, component parts.