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All problems are solved by good design

It’s not enough to inform your audience. Today’s market dictates that you need to impress them. Whether you are presenting a single building, conversion renderings or giving perspective to community and industrial developments in relation to their surroundings, you need your architectural models to deliver on the wow!

We have been helping architects to develop and communicate their ideas to their clients since 2003. Through our extensive 3D printing and model making capabilities, we’ve helped them to design, develop, review, improve and produce high quality, finely detailed models.  We’ve created simple, and intrinsically detailed, scaled display models, architectural models, cityscapes, community concepts and industrial development models.

3D printing and modelling services for architectural businesses

Make an instant impression

Make an impact on your clients with superbly crafted, functional, geometrically precise 3D representations and dioramas of your designs and renderings.

We combine our advanced 3D printing technologies, with large build envelopes and exceptional accuracy, with our extensive model-making experience to produce outstanding architectural and display models quickly and cost-effectively.