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Stereolithography (SLA)

Why SLA?

SLA, the grandfather of 3D printing, produces exceptional models with an outstanding surface quality. Paragon is the only 3D printing service provider in the country with three industry-leading, large-bed NEO 800 printers. This state-of-the-art technology gives you the freedom to print complex designs and fine details in lightweight, robust resins.

Materials (click for basic data sheet)


A durable SLA material that produces highly detailed parts with an exceptionally smooth finish. Perfect for building end-use parts like jigs and fixtures, or prototypes for functional testing applications

DSM SOMOS WaterShed XC11122

A durable SLA material, tough enough for wind tunnel testing, that produces optically clear, highly detailed parts with a smooth finish. Has a very high water resistance, making it ideal for fluid flow analysis and duct work.

Taurus Somos


A quick building, durable resin with a high heat deflection temperature of 95ºC, high impact resistance and the mechanical performance of ABS.


NEO 800 - 3 Machines

Lead time: 1 – 4 days
Build platform (mm): 800 x 800 x 600
Accuracy: to ± 0.15%
Layer resolution: 100 µm
Wall thickness: 0.5 mm
Surface structure: Requires support structures.

Thanks to the NEO800’s exceptional scanning repeatability, sidewall quality and dynamic laser processing, very little A-surface finishing is required. Parts can be painted and coated.

Lead time: 1 – 4 days
Build Platform (mm): 508 x 508 x 584
Accuracy: to ± 0.3%
Layer resolution: 0.05 mm
Wall thickness: 1.0 mm
Surface structure: Requires support structures. 

Blasting and polishing essential. Parts can be painted and coated.