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Silicone Moulding

Why Silicone Moulding?

With its excellent thermal, electrical and chemical resistance properties, silicone rubber is ideal for a wide variety of applications, from keypads to prostheses covers, from hand grips to motor sports components. Creating silicone components for your products is quick, and cost-efficient.

Our dedicated silicone moulding department works with you to identify the best materials for your applications. We offer hard and soft rubbers, and pigmentation, over-moulding and multiple shot processes. With quality and cost control at the forefront of our operations, we also offer a choice of tooling master development processes, including CNC cut materials, SLA and polyurethane.

Materials (click for basic data sheet)

PRT 10/20/30

Impact resistant, tear-resistant, varying hardness. Can be pigmented and textured.


Medical grade silicone rubber with good flexibility. Takes up pigment well.

PRT 740

Suitable for chemical tubing, oil resistant, etc. Can be dyed all colours of the rainbow.

Case studies

Silicone 3

i-Limb Skin

An R&D product with Touch Bionics to produce a prosthetic skin that won't compromise mechanical integrity.

Soluble Cores

A two-stage process using silicone to create cavities in RIM parts created for automotive and aerospace applications

Hippo Adjsted

The Hippo

Silicone moulding for prosthetics for the film and television industry, using 3D printing for the mould process.